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International Thespian Society Constitution

Troupe #1621


Article I. Name and Purpose

Section 1.  This organization shall be called Troupe #1621 of the International Thespian Society.

Section2.  The purpose of this troupe is the advancement of standards of excellence in theatre.  Specifically, the troupe will encourage members to attain a better mastery of the theatre arts.

Section 3.  Membership in this society is given in recognition of superior work in the theatre arts.

Article II. Membership

Section 1.  All nominees for membership shall be regularly enrolled as students of George Washington High School.

Section 2.  All active members must have participated in at least two full-length plays, or one full-length play and two one-acts.  Members are required to have been cast (i.e. have acted in) I at least one full-length production or two one-acts and have been a part of a production crew for one full-length production or two one-acts.  Participation in a production crew and any other category besides acting shall not be sufficient to be inducted.  Acting in one full-length or two one-act plays is a requisite for induction.  Also, active members must be enrolled in grades 9-12.

Section 3.  Authority regarding exceptions to membership requirements will be left to the discretion of the troupe sponsor.

Section 4. Any decision regarding exceptions to membership requirements made by the troupe sponsor may be overturned by a vote of two-thirds majority of the active membership of the troupe.

Section 5.  The sponsor, in conjunction with at least two officers may veto this vote.  This decision shall be final.

Article III. Officers

Section 1.  George Washington High School Troupe #1621 shall elect officers once annually in the last full month of the school term at a regular meeting.

Section 2.   Elected officers must be active members of the troupe for at least one year and at time of election must be enrolled in grades 10 or 11.

Section 3.  The elected officers are to be as follows as determined by popular vote: President and Vice President

Section 4.  The elected officers are to have the following duties:

1.     Determine the dates of monthly troupe meetings and publicize said dates to all active members.

2.     Organize, with the assistance of the troupe sponsor, troupe attendance to the Colorado Thespian Convention and National Thespian Festival.

3.     Propose amendments to the constitution.

4.     Update and maintain the troupe website, if any

5.     Manage troupe funds.

6.     Miscellaneous duties as they arise or as the sponsor or membership deem them necessary.

Section 5.  The sponsor will oversee all troupe activities, be the authority in matters of dispute regarding selection of new members (see Article II. Sections 3, 4, and 5), and be the inspiration and guide of the troupe.

Section 6.  The Executive Board will consist of the elected officials and the troupe sponsor.

Article IV. Meetings and Attendance

Section 1.  Meetings will be held once a month, usually during common lunch.

Section 2.  The sponsor, any officer, or a quorum if deemed necessary may call a special meeting.

Section 3.  A quorum shall consist of fifty percent of the active membership and include at least two officers.

Section 4.  Attendance to meetings is mandatory.  Any member who misses four or more meetings or four or more days of rehearsal in a current production without an excuse deemed valid by the sponsor or director shall be dropped from active membership.  Any suspended member requesting re-admittance must have the consent of the sponsor as well as two-thirds of the active membership.

Article V. Dues

Section 1.  Annual dues are $15.

Article VI. Amendments

Section 1.  Any officer or any active member with the backing of at least one officer or twenty-five percent of the active membership may suggest an amendment to the constitution.

Section 2. Amendments will be adopted only if approved by a two-thirds majority of the active membership.

Section 3. Amendments are subject to change according to any or all requirements of the International Thespian Society.


Article I. Attendance

Section 1.  Late arrival to meetings or rehearsals without an excuse deemed valid by the troupe sponsor or director will result in one demerit.  Three such demerits will be counted as one unexcused absence from a meeting or rehearsal.

Section 2.  Meetings are to be held once monthly at commons lunch with dates to be determined by the Executive Board.

Section 3. Irregular attendance represents a lack of interest or commitment; therefore any member absent from four meetings or rehearsals per school year without written consent deemed valid by the troupe sponsor or director will be suspended indefinitely from active membership.

Section 4.  Attendance will be considered in the point award system.

Section 5.  Absences will accumulate over the period of one school year only.

Article II. Inductees

Section 1.  All active members of the troupe are encouraged, but not required, to “adopt” an inductee.  These active members will serve as role models and mentors to their initiates and will aid them in becoming inducted as thespians and bettering themselves in the theatre arts.

Article III.  Inductions

Section 1.  Inductions are to be held once a year.

Section 2.  Inductions are to be held on a date to be determined annually by the Executive Board.

Article IV.  Point Award System

Section 1.  The theatre director/sponsor will determine the exact number of points to be awarded for theatrical participation.

Section 2. Points will be awarded as suggested by the International Thespian Society point system.

Article V.  Elections

Section 1.  Officers will be elected in the month of May at a regular meeting for the coming fall term.

Section 2. Any active member in grades 10 or 11 may run for election.  Final decisions regarding candidates are to be left to the discretion of the troupe sponsor.

Section 3.  Voting is to be done by secret written ballot.

Section 4.  Three members, including at least one officer, may request, in writing, to the sponsor a recall election of any or all elected officials.  The request must provide a valid reason for such an election.  A special meeting scheduled within five days after the recall is requested will be held to determine whether such an election is necessary.  A two-thirds majority is required to mandate a recall election.  If a recall election is deemed necessary, the election will follow the procedure established in Article V.  Sections 2 and 3.

Article VI.  Installations

Section 1.  New officers will be installed at the year-end Drama Club Banquet.

Article VII. Adoption

Section 1.  A two-thirds majority of the current active members in the troupe is required to adopt this constitution.


Troupe #1621 Constitution adopted this 25 day of August, 2006.



   1.     Forthwith, to become a Thespian a student must participate in at least two different aspects of theatre (e.g. acting, production, writing, directing) before they may be inducted into the Thespian Society.

   2.     It is considered necessary for a student to have attained 10 points (100 hours of theatre work) before they may be inducted into the Thespian Society.


Amended September 2007.

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