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The Theatre Process


We strive to make the production of (regular-season) shows at George as close to the real thing as we can. All of our shows are almost completely student-produced and -directed, with some faculty oversight. This means that the entire design staff of any one of our shows is comprised solely of students.

First Steps

Interviews are held at the end of each year to determine the student directors, designers, and stage management of the shows for the next year after they are announced. Production meetings for the shows begin as soon as possible to begin developing the vision and designs for the show.

Auditions and Crew Signup

The next part of the production of the show is filling our ranks! Auditions and crew signup are held, and the show’s cast and crew are decided in the next few days. By this time, the designs are (theoretically) completed, and the designers ready to give their vision life through their crews!

Rehearsals and Production

After the cast and crew are chosen, production of the show begins in earnest. Actors begin rehearsal with the student and faculty directors; the crews start construction of the set and costumes, the installation of lighting, and the organization of audio for the play; for the musical, the pit orchestra also begins its rehearsal process. Publicity for the show is developed and put out into the Denver community, and over a period of about 2 months of steady work the show is ready to present to an audience!


The next part of the show’s journey is the one that everyone is familiar with: the performances themselves! The show puts on teasers for the George community (or sometimes an entire show) a day or so before the show officially opens. Then, for a straight play, the show runs for two weekends with one Saturday matinée, and for a musical (a much bigger production) the show runs for one extended weekend with a matinée.

Post-Mortem and Strike

The next school day after closing night, the entire cast and crew of the show gets together on stage to strike the show (essentially removing all traces of the show from the stage) and have pizza while reflection on the show in all its aspects. This lets us learn from everything we do and wrap up the show an a great note! Of course, then we start work on the next show as soon as possible!


Each show at George requires the dedicated work of many students working many hours behind the scenes. Each crew of students works to make the show come alive in a specific area of production - set, lighting, costumes, sound, properties, and publicity - with some crews assigned to special mid-show tasks - house crew (ushers) and run crew (stagehands).


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