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Drama Club Events

Throughout our regular season of shows, George Drama puts on many special one-night shows, because we just can’t live without the joy of creating a performance! These shows, of course, take on many forms!

Dessert Theatre I 

DESSERT THEATRE I: November 15 at 7 pm

WHAT IS THIS?: A night filled with delicious desserts and delicious… theatre! Actors choose pieces they would like to perform, audition in front of the Board, and perform on this delightful night!

Improv [p]M! 

Our wonderful improv troupe, [panda]MONIUM!, led by Lianna Holston and Alex Quinones, is auditioning for members on September 10th!

Friday Night Live - March 21, 2014

WHAT IS THIS?: Live from GW, it’s Friday Night!! Join us for a hilarious night of completely original sketch comedy written and performed by members of George Drama Club. And just like its namesake, FNL will feature fantastic musical performances, by our own musical talent.


Throughout the year, drama club hosts a number of other events. These events are mostly fund-raisers and a chance for the members of drama club to HAVE FUN together.

Game Night

WHAT IS THIS?: “Too bad I can’t hang out with all of my drama friends and play games all night… OH WAIT! I CAN!” Yes, it’s true! A lovely night of fun and games!

Murder Mystery

WHAT IS THIS?: A George Drama tradition! An exciting game of interactive mystery! All those who attend will be given a character to portray in advanced and a setting will be announced. As you arrive, you begin to mingle with our fellow guests. When one is murdered, you must sleuth your way to the truth, and solve the mystery! A perfect game for the Halloween time of year 

Movie Marathon
WHAT IS THIS?: This is a fund-raiser for drama club that basically consists of the members of drama club snuggling up on a cold December night to watch movies ALL NIGHT at one of our member’s lovely homes. Since this event is the day of the beginning of winter break, it’s a great opportunity for us to celebrate the end of our first semester with joy!


WHAT IS THIS?: If you have never attended a drama club banquet, pay your dues and GET INVITED! It’s our opportunity to come celebrate our seniors and the end of an excellent year.


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