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George Washington High School Theatre Dept.
655 S. Monaco Pkwy
Denver, CO 80224

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Drama Board:
Lianna Holston
Alex Quinones
Kayley Olson
Olivia Buege

Thespian Board:
Gabi Pezoa 
Mei Leieritz
Mia Burnett

To email Mrs. O'Clair:

Gabi Pezoa -     

President (Thespians):Gabi is a senior who loves theatre and art and everything that goes along with it. She physically cannot contain her excitement and gratitude for leading troupe 1621. "Act well your part, for there all honor lies."

Mei Leieritz -                     

Vice President (Thespians):Mei is a junior who has participated in every production at GW since she got here. She is currently working on a show at Vintage Theatre and is super excited for this year as your Thespian Board VP. Stay classy, 1621.

Mia Burnett -

Secretary (Thespians): Mia is a junior who has been involved in George Drama since freshmen year. She is very excited to serve troupe 1621!

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Lianna Holston - President  

Lianna loves anything to do with Saturday Night Live, Irish dancing and funny cat photos. She'll also continuously tell you about her magical journey with the NHSI Theatre Arts Cherubs this summer. 

Alex Quinones - Vice President 

Alex likes hugs. Any kind of hug. You see him, you better hug him. He just wishes to be loved. 

Kayley Olson  - Secretary

She likes happiness, selfies, and music. And costume designing. Don't forget the costume designing. 

Olivia Buege - Treasurer

The sweetest person you'll ever meet. Need a smile? Talk to her. Also she can twerk like no other. 

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